Cort Johnson backs the microbiome crowdfunding appeal

Top ME/CFS blogger Cort Johnson has just endorsed the microbiome appeal on his Health Rising website:

The Kitei-Lipkin Interview: Missing Pathogens, Psychosomatic Directors and Serving the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Community

Writing about the barnstormming interview Dr Ian Lipkin gave to Mindy Kitei, Cort covers Dr Lipkin’s belief that pathogens play a critical role in the illness, and their potential role in the microbiome:

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Whether it was a pathogen or toxin or antibiotic or a hormone or whatever – something, Lipkin believes, has likely pummeled the guts of ME./CFS patients into producing substances that are causing them fatigue, cognitive problems, etc. In an upcoming blog we’re going to review a gut altering therapy that caused one ME/CFS patients orthostatic intolerance to virtually disappear in a week. Once Lipkin finds microbiome abnormalities he’ll correlate them with immune factors and then begin the process of finding treatments. It’s a multi-step project that ends, he believes, in effective treatments for ME/CFS. That’s an exciting vision. Please support the Crowdfunding effort here and check out the superb website ME/CFS patients have put together to launch it. [/pullquote]

Thanks so much for that endorsement, Cort.

The blog then moves on to discuss Lipkin’s strong views on the politics of ME/CFS – that patients should focus their attention on their representatives in Congress if they want to see serious government funds flow into ME/CFS. Cort points out how others have said the most important thing is to have a champion in Washington, including, most recently, Llewelyn King who has urged patients to unite to fund a lobbying effort.

Cort finishes up urging patient not to lose Ian Lipkin:[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] The Ian Lipkins of the world don’t come around very often for ME/CFS. He’s an opportunity we don’t want to miss… a resource we can’t afford to waste. We had him for a time 20 years ago and then lost him and now he’s back again – for now. He’s a busy man. He’s in demand. Something is always popping up.

Support the crowdfunding project!

We want to get as firmly embedded with Dr. Lipkin as we can. We don’t want this to be our year or two with Ian Lipkin before he moves onto something else because he can’t get funding. Let’s support his, or as he said, our microbiome project. (It”s probably worth a million dollars just to keep Lipkin and 60 person Center for Immunity engaged.) [/pullquote]

That’s a huge endorsement from Cort Johnson, who is probably the most influential – and certainly the most widely-read – blogger in the ME/CFS world.

Thank you, Cort, from the whole Microbe Discovery Project team.

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