Tribute to crowdfund founder Vanessa Li from Drs Lipkin & Hornig

Tragically, Vanessa Li, who set up the Microbiome Discovery Project crowdfund, died last week. We are all still reeling from the shock. This is a tribute from Drs Lipkin and Hornig and the team at Columbia University:


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February 5, 2015

Dear Members of the ME/CFS Community,

There are no words to express how I, Mady Hornig and other members of the team at the Center for Infection and Immunity feel on learning of the tragic loss of Vanessa Li.

Vanessa was the driving force behind the crowd funding campaign for the Microbe Discovery Project—a campaign that engaged more than 1000 donors around the world. Through these efforts, we are determined to ensure that she lives on in the memory of her good work and her vital impact on finding answers to ME/CFS.

We have collected and will shortly begin analyzing the microbes in the oropharynx of patients suffering with ME/CFS. We are leaving no stone unturned in efforts to find support for the remainder of the Microbe Discovery Project. Please join us in honoring Vanessa’s legacy.

Our thoughts go out to her family, friends and colleagues.

W. Ian Lipkin, MD Mady Hornig, MD

And the entire team at the Center for Infection & Immunity, Columbia University