Lipkin says 3-5 years to solve ME/CFS – if funds made available!

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Great timing for good news! Cort Johnson, reporting on Dr Ian Lipkin’s talk at a Simmaron Research fundraising event –  drops a “bombshell” from Dr Lipkin that no one was expecting and it’s impressive. Cort reported:

“Then Lipkin made his bold declaration “We’re going to solve this in three to five years”. It came with a significant proviso “provided the resources are made available” but indicated that he believes ME/CFS is a mystery that can be cracked fairly quickly.  That sounds really fast, but Lipkin’s time-frame is not that far off from Ronald Davis’s 5-10 year time-frame (provided he gets the resources as well.) (or Dr. Montoya’s).”

Our team has never seen Dr Lipkin stating a timeframe like this before. The fact that he thinks we can get to a real understanding of what may be going on in ME/CFS, with it’s significant heterogeneity this quickly – is suggestive that these researchers are feeling confident about what they are finding in the lab. Dr Hornig has stated in her recent talk at Simmaron that they are “very much looking forward to what the next few years will bring”.

CII already have new papers in the publishing pipeline

Cort highlighted findings so far cited by Dr Lipkin, writing:

“Likpin cited the findings of their work to date.

The suspected pathogens don’t appear to be the problem (the CII is reportedly looking further at herpesviruses.)

Evidence suggests altered microbiomes (gut flora) are present

Striking differences in immune expression between shorter and longer duration patients suggest profound immune changes have occurred

Preliminary evidence suggests that levels “X” and “Y” metabolites and, at least, one immune protein are significantly altered in ME/CFS. (Lipkin embargoed this information pending publication of the paper. One of them is a shocker.)

Lipkin emphasized, though, that ME/CFS is not a one-size fits all disease. For instance, it’s possible that fungi may be a problem for some patients. That’s an intriguing idea given the recent fungi funding in Alzheimer’s disease published in Nature.”

This is brilliant news for everyone and we are all looking forward to the new papers. Check out this great article and find out more about Dr Lipkin and his history – it is an entertaining and informative read! Ian Lipkin: Three to Five Years* to Solve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)


US_Dollars_and_envelope1-440x440The big deal though, as Lipkin stressed, is that funding is key, and there is no guarantee that funding will come. They need our help!

You can donate directly to Columbia University Center for Infection and Immunity ME/CFS research through the donate button at the top of the page – donations from many add up. We believe in our community and our ability to get there together.

You can also donate to the collaboration with Simmaron Research through Cort’s article.

Many thanks to Cort Johnson and Simmaron Research for sharing the information from these events.

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