Dr. Ian Lipkin responds to the NIH ME/CFS Request for Information

Dr Ian Lipkin


Dr. Lipkin, Director of the Center for Infection and Immunity (CII) at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, has responded to the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) request for information (RFI). The NIH had requested input for research strategies for (ME/CFS).

This response in the letter below, articulates concisely and clearly, the overarching outline of what the CII have undertaken so far and their future aims. In 2011 CII, along with leading researchers and specialist clinicians developed a ‘Center for Solutions for ME/CFS’ team. Priority urgent research needs are addressed in this response and important elements of future development. Among these are a clinician training Masters-level program, a patient registry, a biobank and a clinical trials program. Dr. Lipkin states:

“Addressing the challenges of ME/CFS will require the insights and resources of the best and brightest of clinicians and investigators in the United States and abroad. We are optimistic that the field is poised for breakthroughs in understanding that will impact how we diagnose, treat and prevent ME/CFS.”

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Strong researchers and strong foundations: faster translation for mainstream!

This is truly heartening reading. It is clear that the CII is in a position to forge ahead with critical needs for the ME/CFS community in solid collaboration with other researchers and specialist clinicians. They have built, over time, a strong working infrastructure for research into ME/CFS whilst establishing the clinical elements needed for the development of a Center of Excellence (CoE). Their Center for Solutions is uniquely primed, fit and ready to be a strong CoE. We will need research findings to be able to translate to clinical application as soon as it is possible to do so.

Vital – big picture needs for ME/CFS can be met – funding is critical! Our Microbe Discovery Project team dearly hope the NIH is listening.

There is a need for urgency regarding funding for CII, both for the extensive Microbiome/Immunity study and for the development of the Center of Solutions – this CoE. They have collected the first time point of samples of the 4 needed time points for the Microbiome/Immunity study, if funds were available, they would be able to start analyzing these samples immediately.

Donations from many help move research faster – together we have been doing this. People have donated from over 25 different countries, since the Microbe Discovery Project started. Thank you so much for your donations, every single donation and every single share of information counts!

Please consider donating to help the CII with funds for the Microbiome/Immunity study to enable these top quality researchers to do essential research into this illness. See our home page for more information.

Many thanks to Dr. Lipkin at the CII for sharing their response to the NIH’s RFI with us all.


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