Great news: A big $100,000 donation & we have some total updates!

One Hundred Thousand!


An amazingly generous $100,000 anonymous donation has come through!

This is wonderful news and such a fantastic start! We are now up to 148 donations and a total of $112,651 for this critical and hugely thorough study into ME/CFS by Dr. Ian Lipkin and Dr. Mady Hornig at Columbia University Center for Infection and Immunity!

This massive study, with well characterized patients and controls includes investigating the microbiome (viruses, fungi, bacteria), pathogens, metabolomics, proteomics, immunology, genetics and epigenetics – all on the same patients. This is a unique chance to solidify findings, find out more and see correlations across research areas. It is an in-depth study that is also looking at the big picture, many research papers and hypothesis would be generated from this work which covers critical areas of research need for ME/CFS.

The study is designed to home in on ME/CFS – please read about the whole research study HERE!

Imagine if we reached thousands of donations! Here are some of our website stats for you. We have had 15,259 visits to the website generally and 3,680 specific views of the information about the study, some of these will have been repeated views. Please help us increase these viewing numbers along with numbers of donations – you can read how you can do this as well as find other ways to help HERE!

It is so great to be able to drop such a chunk lower on the COUNTDOWN TICKER, that Columbia CII and the community are working to get all the way down to zero! Thank you so much for all these wonderful donations!