IACFS/ME Conference: Compilation round up of Coverage.



The 12th International Association of CFS/ME Biennial Conference event is now over. Cort Johnson tweeted a storm for days! Phoenix Rising also managed to send out great quality tweets. Bit by bit, coverage has been coming through and we hope more articles will be forthcoming.

List of links to coverage so far

You can still find the conference tweets on Cort Johnson’s twitter page quite easily.

The IACFSME conference syllabus is available and includes many research paper and poster abstracts.


The Nova Southeastern University – Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine preconference event video is now available.

Dr. Lucinda Bateman’s livestreamed a Global Report of Progress in the ME/CFS field following the conference. If your up with the play on the P2P and IOM report, some may want to watch from about 18 minutes in.

The Norwegian ME Association posted a video on YouTube from some conversation interviews at the conference with Lily Chu, Cort Johnson, Christopher Snell, Prof James Baraniuk, Prof Leonard Jason, Dr. Anthony Komaroff and Fluge & Mella (Fluge and Mella not in English).

Dr. Komaroff has given a Solve ME/CFS Initiative webinar since the conference, covering hot areas of ME/CFS research.


Comprehensive slides from Dr. Bateman’s Global Report of Progress are available here.

Comprehensive slides from Dr. Komaroff’s webinar are available on the Solve ME/CFS Initiative website.

Tom Kindlon posted a great transcript summary from Mary Schweitzer on Dr. Komaroff’s round up of research at the conference.

Dr. Vallings has also written a summary, and you can find options to access this on Phoenix Rising.

Medscape articles by Miriam Tucker:

Postexertion ‘Crash,’ not Fatigue per se, Marks Syndrome

Biomarker Research Advances in ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’

Immune-Modulating Agents Eyed for ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’

Articles by Cort Johnson:

The IACFS/ME Preconference: ME/CFS and GWI – The Complex Neuroinflammatory Conditions

The IACFS/ME 2016 Conference Overviews #1: Energy and Exercise To the Fore

Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome An Inflammatory Disease? The 2016 IACFS/ME Conference Overviews Pt II


‘NIH Program Director Talks Team Work to Tackle ME-CFS –Vicky Whittemore, PhD, on the way forward’ by Washington Correspondent Shannon Firth.