Send the gift of ME/CFS research to someone you care about this Christmas


Tis the season!

Help send a Christmas snowball of funds for ME/CFS research to Drs. Ian Lipkin and Mady Hornig at Columbia University CII in New York this Holiday Season

Biomedical research into ME/CFS is a critical and crucial need. People with this illness all over the world are in many ways refugees within health care systems. Understanding is severely lacking within most quarters of their lives and approved treatments are non-existent. The global community has enabled researchers to power up their studies and it is making a difference!



Why not send a gift of great biomedical research to someone you care about with ME/CFS this Christmas. We can show our love and care for each other and give hope for a better future by doing something so simple. Christmas is often a tough time for most living with this isolating and restricting illness. It’s an ideal time to help give someone a boost.

Xmas gift certificate

You can make a gift donation to Columbia University CII who need support to get this wonderful research study funded. Then you can send the person you are making the gift for the below Christmas gift certificate via social media, email or post. You can copy the image or print off the PDF.

PDF: merry-christmas-v2