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The Atlantic ‘The New Technique That Finds All Known Human Viruses in Your Blood’ By Ed Yong

Articles by Simon McGrath

‘Lipkin finds biomarkers not bugs’ by Simon McGrath on Phoenix Rising

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Articles by Cort Johnson

‘Tea-Time at Simmaron I: Mady Hornig on the “Peterson Subsets”, Immune Exhaustion and New Gut Findings In ME/CFS’ By Cort Johnson on Simmaron Rising

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Microbe Discovery team blogs and updates

‘Lipkin and Hornig nail #ChilliMEchallenge as donations top $0.75 million’ By the MDP team

‘Kickstart for Lipkin and Hornig’s BIG Microbiome Study’ By the MDP team

An excellent recent talk by Dr Mady Hornig at the Severe ME conference in Sweden: Youtube video of Dr Mady Hornig’s conference presentation about their program of ME/CFS research at the National Society of ME (RME) Severe ME conference in Sweden.

Dr Hornig’s Storming Science in Sweden: transcript and slides of the presentation in Sweden

‘Dr. Ian Lipkin responds to the NIH ME/CFS Request for Information’ Dr. Lipkin’s letter to the NIH regarding research priorities in ME/CFS, includes information on what CII have planned!


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